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Welcome Back Cat!


Welcome Home Cat, We Missed You!

For those of you that don’t know, Cat, our esteemed Service Advisor, or prodigal daughter if you will, has returned!

Cat worked here for 5 years, and then left us for 5 years. But now she has come to her senses and is back in the office of Dana Meyer Auto Care!

Where the heck have you been for the last 5 years?

“I’ve been hiding in a dealership parts department. A few Bay Area Volkswagon/Audi dealerships.” We know Cat has had a long term love affair with all things Volkswagon. When she was recruited to help open a new location of a VW service shop we we’re happy for her, but now we are even more excited that she chose to come back to a more sane work environment.

Are you glad to be back?

“Yes, of course!”

What can DMAC customers expect to see change now that you’re the full time service advisor?

“What I learned in my time away was how to provide an even higher level of customer service to customers, and I am excited to put them [new skills] into practice here.” We know Cat is just being humble, we know the gem we have is not to be taken for granted. It’s a rare thing to have an employee that is so committed and in love with her work that she memorizes part numbers, VIN numbers, and a plethora of other car repair knowledge in her head. She is also willing and able to spend an entire afternoon with a customer who expressed her dismay in trying to shop around for a new vehicle. Going above and beyond is one word for it, another is plain and simple old fashioned genuine caring about customers and the quality of work provided.

What exciting things are on the horizon at DMAC?

In the new year we are hoping to be able to step up our customer oriented services. We are working on integrating emailing into our customer database so that we can send you customized service reminders and the ability to send you pictures of your repairs at your request. Never fear though, our shuttles, wifi, complimentary coffee/tea, rental car discounts, AAA discounts, and much more are still part of our daily commitment to our customer’s satisfaction!

We’ve been a repair tradition since 1975, and we plan on being so for at least another 41 years!

*(Fun fact, Cat has also been a repair tradition since 1975, the shop is 3 months older than her! 😉


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