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Richmond Auto Repair

Caring for your automobile is paramount to both it’s short and long term health. There is a great deal of truth in the old adage that says, “take care your car and it’ll take care of you”. Regular maintenance not only keeps a healthy car to continue functioning at optimal levels but it finds and fixes small problems before they become large and costly ones. Be it engine, break, or simple oil and fluid maintenance, your car needs to be properly cared for so that it’s with you for the long haul.

Dana Meyer Auto Care is your premiere Richmond auto care garage and can address all the needs of your vehicle be it old or new and be them small or large. We provide the most comprehensive auto repair and maintenance services in the Richmond area and it’s sister cities. We are an automotive garage that services individuals, families, students, senior citizens, and even small business fleets. Under our care your vehicle will receive an evaluation, undergo diagnostics, receive repairs, and should it need it, tire and oil services. In our 40 years of operation in the Bay Area we have built a rapport and trust with our customers that isn’t found at just any auto garage.

Richmond Brake Repair And Maintenance

One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of automotive maintenance is a car’s breaks. All too often, individuals will ignore or forget about their brakes until they hear grinding or notice trouble in slowing down and stopping. This is not only dangerous but unfortunate as driving on depleted brake pads can damage rotors and other parts related to the wheel of a car. Brake inspections tell car owners how worn their brakes are and when they should be replaced. Keeping up on the health of your bakes allows you to plan and save for their replacement. Furthermore, brake inspections can detect problems with brake pads, lines, rotors, and all the other parts that work with brakes. Again, discovering small problems early allows us to fix them before they become big problems which saves you, the customer, money. Regular brake inspections not only save you money but help ensure the safety of you and your family as well.

Richmond Heating And Air Conditioning

Your car should be always be a comfortable ride. In order for it to remain so however you’ll need to bring your car in for routine heating and AC maintenance. Coolant can run out and units can wear down over time. Through regular inspections your car’s heater and cooling system will remain in a healthy state. Should our mechanics discover problems during an inspection they can fix them while they are small and inexpensive issues.

Richmond Tires

Like your brakes, the tires on your car should be looked at by a mechanic at regular intervals. In order for your tires to last as long as advertised, they should be checked for issues periodically. Our auto specialists will check your tires’ tread and measure them to ensure that you aren’t driving on tires that are unsafe. As is also the case with regular brake inspections, having your tires looked at regularly will allow you to prepare for their eventual replacement. Our mechanics handle tire inspections, replacements patches, rotations, balancing, and alignment on vehicles of all makes and models.

Auto Diagnostic Readings

At Dana Meyer Auto Care our garage and mechanics are well equipped to analyze all of the codes that a vehicle displays when something isn’t quite working as it should be. When a dashboard icon pops up it isn’t something you’ll want to ignore. By bringing it into us we can determine, quite quickly, exactly what it is that isn’t quite working the way it’s supposed to. Our mechanics can then recommend a course of action that works best for you and your vehicle.

Richmond Automobile Repairs

While regular automotive maintenance keeps a car performing at its best, all cars lose parts to time and experience the need for repairs. We are a fully equipped auto garage and can handle everything from tire replacement to engine replacement. Before work begins we’ll provide customers with a quote and then will work quickly to resolve any issues their car may be having. We also repair and replace the following:

  • Fan Belts
  • Fluids
  • Cam and crank seals
  • Tensioners
  • Timing belts
  • Water pumps
  • …and much more!

Why Choose Dana Meyer Auto Care?

Dana Meyer Auto Care has been operating in the Bay Area as Richmond auto care specialists for more than 40 years. We adhere to high standards both in caring for your vehicle and customer service/satisfaction. Our success and longevity can be attributed to the rapport we build with our customers and their families. We regularly service generations within a family and have become a company that’s synonymous with trust, peace of mind, integrity, dependability, and of course…high quality comprehensive automotive care.

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