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Why Do I Need To Change My Car’s Oil?

Why Do I Need To Change My Car’s Oil?

If there’s anyone one single aspect of auto care people rarely overlook it is most assuredly the oil change. This is a good thing too as fresh and adequate amounts of oil allow a car to continue functioning properly. Left neglected, forgoing regular oil changes carries serious consequences. Ignoring your engine’s need for new oil also costs a great deal more after engines seize, break down, and become irreparably damaged by a lack of clean oil. Although many people have their vehicles oil changed as they should very few know exactly why oil must be changed at all. In this post we’ll explore a few of the more prominent reasons. Caring For An Engine Without a functional engine a car is little more than a 5000 lbs mass of useless metal. Automobile engines are comprised of many moving parts. These parts generate heat and accumulate debris over time. Automobile oil protects these moving parts from both the aforementioned heat and debris. It also allows them to do their ... read more


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