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Does Quality Of Gasoline Matter?

Does Quality Of Gasoline Matter?

A common question among car owners is, “does it really matter what quality of gas I put in my tank?” Most auto mechanics will tell you that yes, quality matters. Digressing for a moment to clarify, available gasoline qualities come in 87, 89, and 91 octane ratings. The higher the octane rating, the more car owners can expect to pay at the pump. Auto mechanics will further explain that while all vehicles can properly operate using 87 octane gasoline exclusively, individuals inevitably run into problems down the line after prolonged usage. As the quality of gasoline declines so does its cleanliness. Gasoline manufacturers add engine cleaning detergents to their fuel that help prevent carbon deposits from forming on the inside of an engine. Gasoline with a 91 octane rating has far more cleaning agents than does the lowest grade of E.P.A approved 87 grade gas. Drivers who use nothing but 87 octane gasoline will not only eventually contend with carbon deposits in their engines ... read more


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