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New Tires & Tire Maintenance in Albany CA

What separates you from the road? Tires! The unavoidable truth is approximately every 50-60k miles they need to be replaced. Buying tires can be a confusing process. There’s no denying it can also be a big decision with lots of choices. We’re here to walk you through the choices and help you make the best tire purchase for your driving habits. Nitrogen tire service is also available upon request. Something as simple as filling your tires with nitrogen can save money on gas.



Our sales and service technicians all have years of experience with tires. They’ll help you know whether you need touring tires or high-performance tires, winter tires or all-season tires. By looking at your existing tires, they’ll also be able to tell you if you need to replace all four tires or if just two are needed. Depending on the wear patterns, this could also indicate a larger suspension issue is at fault and can cause rapid deterioration of new tires. Come to the local tire experts when you’re in need of new tires. We’re here to help, so call or visit us today for more information about our inventory.

Tire Alignment

Keeping your vehicle driving in a straight line requires maintenance believe it or not. If tires are out of alignment you will feel the automobile pull to one side or the other. Uneven wear of tires is another sure sign that adjustments are needed. There are a total of three adjustments that can be made: camber, caster and toe. The camber refers to the inner and outer angle, or tilt, of a tire as viewed from the front of a car. Toe refers to the amount that a tire turns inward or out as viewed from above. Caster is a little less obvious of an adjustment as it refers to the steering axis as can be seen from the side of a vehicle. If any one of these adjustments are off it can drastically cut your vehicle’s tire tread life short.

Flat Tire Repair

There are two main repairs that can be made to a tire. Either a plug or patch. They are seemingly self explanatory. A tire plug is best used when someone punctures their tire with a nail. It is a simple procedure where a tire technician utilizes commercial grade rubber cement and what looks like a candle wick, and it is used where the nail or obstruction was. A plug, however, is considered an emergency temporary repair and should be replaced by a patch. A tire patch on the other hand is considered to be a permanent tire repair service. A patch requires the the tire be removed from the rim. The inner surface is cleaned, and ground to provide a surface that the patch will adhere to after the adhesive is cured layer by layer. One thing to note is that if the hole is too close to the sidewall neither can be performed and a new tire is needed.

Mount and Balance

When new tires are purchased they need to be mounted onto the rims and the front tires should always be balanced. Balancing a tire requires that weights are applied onto the rim to counteract the inevitable wheel unbalance. A sign that your tires need to be re-balanced can be a shaky or excessive vibration felt even while driving on smooth surfaces.

Getting a new tire? Or just trying to extend the life of your existing tires? Rotating and balancing them is one way to make sure that all tires are worn evenly. Balancing a tire prevents excessive vibration, uneven tire wear, and can even prevent undue wear on ones wheel bearings or other suspension components. The main goal is to ensure weight is even around the axle. Balancing machines are sensitive enough that they can sense as little as a quarter of an inch difference in weight on a wheel.

Nitrogen Fill Tires

Here at Dana Meyer Auto Care we provide a little known service of re-filling tires with nitrogen since it is less likely to leak or fluctuate with the weather. Ask when you come in for your next oil service and ask how you can save money over the long term!

Nitrogen Tire Service

Unlike typical air pumped into your tires nitrogen is more stable and unaffected by ambient air temperature. Basically meaning by ensuring that tire’s maintain an even and stable pressure will elongate not only the life of the tires themselves, but also will help your pocket book by allowing the vehicle’s tires to stay at their manufacturer specified pressure over time.

Purchase New Tires

Tire tread is measured in increments of 1/32.” New tires are typically 10 or 11/32” and tires that are considered to be dangerously low are 2/32. Legally speaking if a customer brings in a vehicle with tread below 2/32 the shop is legally required to hold onto the vehicle until the unsafe driving conditions are addressed or it’s towed away. Don’t let your vehicle’s tires get to that point. Allowing tires to get dangerously low on tread will leave a vehicle susceptible to blow outs and potential body damage depending on how fast it was traveling when the blow out occurred.

Tire Evaluation

Here at Dana Meyer Auto Care each of our oil change services includes a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle from top to bottom. Uneven wear, tread depth, and the age of a tire are just a few of the many conditions that are inspected when a car or truck is brought into our shop. Don’t delay, call us today to make an appointment, and remember all new customers receive a complimentary 23 point inspection for free!

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