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A Guide To Saving Gas

A Guide To Saving Gas

Gas prices have long since been skyrocketing and forcing car owners to rework their budgets so as to ensure they have enough gas to get to and from work, school, the store, etc. Unbeknownst to many car owners, there are many ways to save at the pump that aren’t directly related to their local gas station itself. The following tips can help car owners conserve fuel and in turn reduce costs. Eyes On Inflation Car owners frequently overlook the health of their tires, especially their air pressure or lack thereof. Under inflated tires force a car’s engine to work harder which leads to greater fuel consumption. Individuals will also want to monitor their wheel alignment as misaligned tires also force an engine to work harder. Wait until tires have cooled before checking air pressure or take your car to an Albany Ca. auto repair specialist for a quick check up. Don’t Weight We’re all guilty of leaving ite ... read more


Gas Saving Tips
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