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Berkeley Auto Repair

Our vehicles are a major part of our lives. They take us to work and back, to the store, pick up our kids from school, and allow us to reach destinations in a timely manner. As such, our lives are terribly inconvenienced when our automobiles have problems, both big and small. Car problems can keep us from getting to work/school on time, can strand us at home, and even burden friends and family while we wait to have our vehicles fixed.

There are a plethora of auto mechanics operating in the Berkeley area though being able to discern which of these are reputable often proves difficult. Be vigilant in your research by reading reviews and even calling those that pique your interest.

Berkeley General Auto Repair

Some garages specialize in just one or two types of auto repair services. At Dana Meyer Auto Care we offer a broad range of automobile repair services. We want to be your trusted one stop shop when issues with your car rear their ugly heads. Our mechanics can handle everything from the simple breaks and tires to the more complicated control arms and on board computer repairs.

General Auto Maintenance

We visit a doctor annually for checkup’s and to ensure that our bodies are in good working order. Like our bodies, our cars require the same type of care. Preventative maintenance can catch small problems before they become big and expensive problems. Dana Meyer Auto Care handles all manner of routine vehicular maintenance. This includes minor tune ups, major overhauls, oil changes, fluid checks, brake and tire maintenance, and many others. If one of your dashboard warning lights has recently come on, we can tell you what that means as well. General auto maintenance should be a mind set rather than a reaction to problems with your car. Looking for and finding problems before they present symptoms is key when it comes to cars.

Berkeley Tires

Dana Meyer Auto Care understands just how important a car’s tires are and as such offers a number of tire related services. Not only do we change and replace worn or damaged tires but we also rotate, patch, align, and balance them as well. Our tire inspections tell customers how healthy their tires are and how long it might be until new ones are required. Moreover, we also offer a wide variety of different tires so that our customers have options when the time for a new set inevitably arrives.

Berkeley Brake Repair

Modern brakes tend to last quite a while though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they shouldn’t be inspected from time to time nor that they aren’t wearing faster than normal. Dana Meyer Auto Care offers break inspection services along side it’s break replacement and installation services. We can install breaks on any type of vehicle, new or old, and our team works quickly so as to get you back on your way fast.

Berkeley Oil Changes

Too many people neglect their car’s oil needs either by going cheap when the time comes for an oil change or by ignoring their oil lights when they first come on. Operating a vehicle with dirty or insufficient oil can do great damage to an engine. These damages are costly too; often requiring numerous replacements that cost thousands of dollars. Timely oil changes do a car a lot of good and is much more cost efficient than are repairs necessitated by ignoring the need for one. Dana Meyer Auto Care performs oil changes on a daily basis and does so at an affordable cost. Whether you drive a coup, family sedan, or need to ensure your RV is ready for a long tour, we can help.

Vehicle Heating And Cooling System Repair

Sure we tend to think of our cars as being mere transportation units that shuttle us to and from work, school, and the store but it’s also important to remember that cars are meant to be comfortable too. Although not ever ride is one of luxury, everyone deserves to ride in comfort. When a heating and/or cooling system is on the fritz a simple drive to the corner market can be bitter cold or excruciatingly hot and uncomfortable.

Keeping your car’s climate control systems in order is paramount when you want comfortable driving. Dana Meyer Auto Care not only handles heating and cooling inspections but we can repair these systems as well. Replacing climate control systems is also something we are adept at. Make sure your ride is a pleasant one and have your heater and AC systems checked out today.

Classic Car Restoration

If you’re a classic car aficionado and are into restoring these cars, Dana Meyer Auto Care wants to help. Many times those whom restore classic cars find that locating parts for their cars to be difficult. Other times owners find that installation is a problem for a variety of reasons. We understand the passion that drives people to restore classic cars and we want to help those with that passion complete their work. Dana Meyer Auto Care can help with…

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