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Getting the Most Out of Your Car’s AC This Summer

Getting the Most Out of Your Car’s AC This Summer

There are few things more irritating, and potentially dangerous, than having your car’s air conditioner (AC) break down during a heat wave. Thankfully, the most common issues these systems face can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively. Here are some of the most common questions we at Dana Meyer Auto Care receive every summer, with the most frequent issues that brought the client in!  Why Does My AC Have Weak Airflow? There may be many reasons why your car’s AC is experiencing weak airflow issues. The most common of which, thankfully, is the cheapest and easiest to handle – your cabin air filter, also called a Pollen Filter, needs to be replaced. Few car owners realize that their vehicle’s filters need to be swapped out as often as their furnace filters. It only costs a couple of dollars and can improve engine efficiency, air quality, and the strength of the breeze coming out of the exhaust vents. What is Ca ... read more


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