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Oakland Auto Repair

Getting quality auto care in Oakland might seem a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be. Dana Meyer Auto Care has been servicing Oakland and the entire Bay Area for over 40 years. Our goal is simple, that being to deliver high quality automotive services and exceptional customer service. Adhering to high standards has been the key to our continued success and has allowed us to service not just customers but families spanning multiple generations as well. Conceptualized and opened in 1975, Dana Meyer Auto Care quickly differentiated itself from other auto garages by operating honestly and with integrity. The ethics we started with have never faltered and we continue to use them as our operating base today.

Dana Meyer Auto Care employs only those mechanics whom have a real passion for all things cars. When our mechanics perform work on your car their enthusiasm and zest translate into a car that you can not only depend on but an automobile service that you trust and will want to return to. When you bring your vehicle in for inspection our team will meticulously probe your car for issues and then prioritize the issues found, discussing with you what needs to be addressed immediately and what can wait. Our evaluations carry no obligation and all inspections are carried out by one of our master mechanics.

Routine Auto Maintenance

Far too many car owners don’t take their car in to see a mechanic unless something has gone seriously wrong. By the time problems with your car become evident they are almost always big and expensive issues. Dana Meyer Auto Care urges all car owners to bring their cars in for routine maintenance and inspections on a regular basis. Whether it is a simple oil change, a brake inspection, or a major overhaul, we’ve got you and your vehicle well covered. Our garage is equipped with state of the art equipment and all of the tools needed to perform any of the following on your vehicle.

Oakland Oil Changes

If there’s any one thing that people do tend to address with their car’s it’s most assuredly oil changes. At Dana Meyer Auto Care we see oil changes on a daily basis so it’s something our mechanics address smoothly and quickly. Oil changes require very little time to complete and so when you want a quick oil change that’s inexpensive and doesn’t involve any up selling, our garage will delight and impress you. We carry a multitude of different oils, brands, synthetics, and blends so as to give our customers options.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Every vehicle manufacturer creates a very detailed maintenance list for the cars they create. These lists contain and define inspections, repairs, and replacements that need to be handled at specific mileage milestones if a car is to continue operating safely and properly. Car owners whom place an emphasis on caring for their vehicles normally take their vehicle in to a dealership for these scheduled maintenance’s though this isn’t necessarily the best course of action. Unbeknownst to many, cars don’t actually have to be seen by mechanics at a dealership in order to receive the manufacturers recommended care. Instead cars can be taken to an independent auto garage like Dana Meyer Auto Care where it will receive a higher standard of care and be worked on by people who have a love and respect for cars. Additionally, we will complete work on your car in a far shorter span of time than will any dealership. While dealerships typically require you to leave your car with them for days at time, our mechanics will typically have your car returned to you the same day you bring it in. We’ll help you keep your mode of transportation in good working order and increase it’s longevity.

Oakland Tires

Tires should be inspected periodically not just for wear and tear but for other issues as well. All too often car owners ignore their tires until they have become over worn, have popped, or gone flat. By allowing us to inspect your car’s tires, you’ll be given a report on their health, you can have them rotated to increase their life, ensure they are properly balanced, and you’ll be given an estimate as to when you’ll need to replace your current set of tires. Our mechanics can also find and address other issues with your tires during inspections. It’s not uncommon for tires to have slow leaks, cracks, exposed tread, bubbling, and irregular wearing happening in spots where it might not be immediately evident to anyone but someone who is looking for these things. At Dana Meyer Auto Care we inspect, rotate, repair, and replace tires on all makes and models of cars. Furthermore, we carry a great many brand of tires so as to ensure our customers have multiple choices in terms of quality and price.

Oakland Brake Service & Repair

Brakes are one of the most important components of your car. When brakes are working improperly, fail, or are left neglected the chances of accidents occurring skyrockets. Car owners can avoid all of the aforementioned by having our mechanics inspect their brakes and their braking systems on a regular and consistent basis. During our inspections, our mechanics will check not only the health of your brake pads but your car’s rotors and all of the other components of your braking system too. This includes hoses, fluid levels, springs, and all other moving parts. Our garage is well equipped to handle brake replacement and repairs as well. After the initial inspection has been completed, our mechanics will discuss, in detail, the status of your car’s brakes and make suggestions based on immediate need and your driving habits. We make all repairs quickly while you wait and will have you back on the road in no time.

Fluid Checks

A car utilizes multiple different types of fluids to function. These range from oil which protects against friction to water and coolants that are vital to keeping a car’s engine at a safe operating temperature. At Dana Meyer Auto Care our team can quickly check all of your vehicle’s fluid levels and replace any that are low or absent. We will also check to ensure that the operations dependent on coolants haven’t been negatively impacted by low or the absence of fluids.

Belts, Tensioners, And Pumps

Belts, tensioners, and pumps all work in tandem to keep a car working properly. When one of these fails, malfunctions, or becomes overly worn a car might experience any number of issues. Regular inspections at Dana Meyer Auto Care will ensure that all of your belts, tensioners, and pumps are working as they are intended to. Our mechanics can also replace these items should your car require that.

Car Heating And Cooling System Repair & Service

A properly functioning air conditioner and/or heater can mean the difference between a comfortable ride and one that’s rife with sweat or a case of the shivers. Dana Meyer Auto Care will ensure that your car remains a pleasant place in which to drive. Our garage and mechanics are equipped to both inspect and repair the AC and heating in all models and makes of cars. Sometimes a car requires nothing more than additional fluids to bring these systems up to par and other times replacement parts are required. We are always ready for any heating and AC scenario.

Dashboard Lights/Icons Diagnostics

Those lights that seem to suddenly light up on your dashboard should always be taken seriously. They illuminate only when there is a legitimate problem with your car and so you should take your car in for immediate inspection. Dana Meyer Auto Care possesses the high tech equipment that is needed to read and interpret the codes your car sends out when those lights come on. We can quickly and accurately diagnose your car and then discuss repair options with you. You may not be able to properly assess what the lights on your odometer mean so don’t waste time guessing. Balking can give small problems the time they need to become large and expensive ones. Don’t allow that to happen. What’s that old adage? “Take care of your care and it’ll take care of you”? Sound advice.

The Dana Meyer Auto Care Experience

You can get auto care virtually anywhere these days but honest and high quality auto care have become increasingly and alarmingly more difficult to procure in recent years. Dana Meyer Auto Care is unique amongst other Oakland auto care specialists in that it puts people first. Providing great auto care isn’t enough for us; instead we seek to build rapport and trust with all of our clients. Our personable, friendly, and honest approach to auto care has allowed us to grow into the Bay Area’s premier auto garage. Our entire staff loves what they do and never shows up to work simply for the sake of working. We love cars and we love the people that drive them. We therefore go to great lengths to ensure our customers cars remain in a healthy state. We put our customers minds at ease with superior customer service and unparalleled results. We hope you and your car will visit us the next time it requires care of any kind.

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