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Albany Auto Repair

Those in need of auto care in Albany will be happy to learn of Dana Meyer Auto Care. Not only do the folks at this auto garage service automobiles, they care for customers as well. Having served the Bay Area for over 40 years, Dana Meyer Auto Care credits it’s longevity to not only superior auto care but to high standards of customer service as well. We are a comprehensive auto care service that addresses everything from simple oil changes to the restoration of classic cars. Our staff is comprised of talented and experienced individuals whom love what they do and share a passion for all things cars. With such a staff in place, you’ll never get anything but the best in auto care. Integrity, honesty, and auto services all at a fair price.

Albany Tires

Dana Meyer Auto Care performs tire inspections, replacements, balancing, rotations, and repair for all makes and models of cars. We understand that our customers not only expect the best but want options too. It is for this reason that we offer a plethora of different tire brands, types, and qualities. If your vehicle is in need of tires you’ll find them here at our garage and at a price point you can afford.

Although many car owners seldom think of their tires they should be inspected by professionals periodically to ensure they remain in good health and that they are wearing properly. As tires wear their integrity can become compromised which leads to slow leaks, bursting, and blow outs while driving. Dana Meyer Auto Care’s tire specialists can measure the tread on your tires as well as assess their overall health with a simple and quick inspection. This type of inspection will also allow us to estimate when you will likely need new tires or your tires rotation. Foregoing such inspections can result in irregularly worn tires with just one or two needing to be replaced much sooner than they are meant to be.

Albany Brake Repair & Service

Regular brake inspections are not only smart but they help keep you, your family, and other drivers safe while you are on the road. Brake systems are generally built well and rarely fail but they do wear over time, as is the case with all things. Our mechanics can perform brake inspections quickly and determine just how healthy your car’s brakes are. These inspections will also allow us to find small problems before they become large, dangerous, and costly issues. Dana Meyer Auto Care will inspect your break pads, fluids, hoses, and all other mechanical parts of your car’s breaking system during this process and is equipped to make any and all repairs immediately.

Albany Auto Heating & Air Conditioning

Your vehicle is your main source of transportation taking you to and from work, school, the store, etc. It therefore stands to reason that it should always remain a comfortable ride. Cars can be freezing in the winter and unbearable in the summer when an AC/heating system is on the fritz. Your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning unit will need regular maintenance if it is to function properly and keep you comfortable year round. There are a number of moving parts and fluids in your heating and AC systems and all of them need to be cared for. At Dana Meyer Auto Care we not only inspect your car’s air conditioner and heater but we can repair them and even replace them when necessary. Our staff is familiar will the many different types of heating and AC units on the market and can perform this work on any type of car, regardless of its age.

Warning Light Diagnostic & Repair

Yes, we are referring to those icons that light on up your dashboard. Despite some chatter to the contrary, these lights are incredibly important and should never be ignored. When your car illuminates them it means there is a problem with your car…even if it’s not outwardly evident. Dana Auto Care strongly encourages car owners to bring their vehicles in for an inspection when they notice that dashboard lights have been activated. Our auto garage is equipped with state of the art equipment that can quickly read your car’s on board diagnostic system. After this reading has completed, our mechanics can then determine exactly what needs to be done to return your vehicle to proper working order. Again, ignoring your vehicles warning lights is not only dangerous but it can be costly too.

Albany Auto Maintenance

Too many car owners neglect the health of their cars and only take their car into see a mechanic when something goes wrong. As is the case with the human body, your car should see a care specialist at regular intervals. This allows for the discovery of things that might become issues down the road and prevents small issues from becoming scary and costly ones later on. Bringing your car into Dana Auto Care for some maintenance means you won’t have to worry about oil, proper fluid levels, belts and hoses, tensioners, nor any engine seals. Our mechanics inspect the entirety of your vehicle when you bring it in.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Although you might believe that keeping your oil fresh and your tires rotated is all your vehicle needs in order to remain in proper working order, nothing could be further from the truth. Every car manufacturer specifies repairs and updates at specific mileage milestones. While the dealership you purchased your car from may try to persuade you to return to them for this mandatory maintenance, Dana Meyer Auto Care is equipped to handle all factory scheduled maintenance suggestions; regardless of the make, model, and year of a vehicle. Moreover we offer these services at much more affordable prices than do dealerships. Let us help you keep your car in good working order and increase it’s longevity. Whether its simple fluid replacement, a transmission flushing, or belt replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Why Dana Meyer Auto Care

Your car is not only a big investment but it’s one of your most important assets as well. Here at Dana Meyer Auto Care we operate a bit differently that do our competitors. In our garage we put the customer first, placing a heavy emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. We aren’t happy unless our customers are and we go to great lengths to ensure your experience with us is a fantastic one. In addition to unparalleled customer service, we also offer the most comprehensive Albany Auto Care service in the area. No other garage is equipped to handles everything from a family van to a luxury car. Furthermore, we service all manner of vehicles both foreign and domestic. To further bolster peace of mind in our customers, Dana Meyer Auto Care employs only the very best of auto mechanics. Our team is comprised of Master Mechanics in order to ensure the highest quality of work. There are two types of mechanics, those that show up to work and do their job and those that are driven to work on cars by a deep seated love and passion for them. At Dana Meyer Auto Care we are the latter and it shows in everything we do.

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