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Beware of “Sliders,” and No, Not the Mini Burgers!

You may have heard sliders in reference to adorable bite sized burgers served at your local pub, but the sliders we are referring to are much more menacing than a stomach ache. Sliders, or even Gliders, as they authorities are calling them, are purse thieves that primarily target women, traveling alone, who aren’t paying attention while pumping gas at a station. Who Are They? What many gas station security cameras are catching on film are men pulling their car alongside an unsuspecting victim. The thieves wait until the person is looking the other way, or pumping gas. Then seamlessly they will crouch down below the car window to go unnoticed, and open the passenger side door & pull out whatever property may be sitting on the seat. Thus their nickname, sliders/gliders, because they slide in and out unnoticed. How Can I Protect Myself? A few would be thieves were caught. Some of these incidents can be seen in the video linked below, but more often than not they are too quic ... read more


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