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Albany’s First Alameda County Green Business

Dana Meyer Auto Care, a long time purveyor of automotive services in Alameda County, is proud of its Green Business history. It means they have gone the extra mile when it comes to complying with the county’s environmental standards, especially conserving resources and preventing pollution.

What is the Green Business Program?

The Green Business Program works to establish a community of county businesses who put a premium on finding sustainable solutions to their environmental impacts and who work toward community equality. A Green Business prioritizes the protection of the planet. Pollution is kept to a minimum through recycling, waste reduction, and water and energy conservation and the safe disposal of all hazardous materials.

Customers can trust companies who are designated as Green Businesses by the Alameda County Environmental Health Department for having high standards of commitment towards caring for our environment. Green Businesses are awarded their certification according to a set of rigorous standards set by a team from PG&EEBMUD, and other agencies whose job it is to make sure our air and soil remain clean.

Committed to Being Green Since 1975

Dana Meyer has personally been committed to earth-friendly practices since opening his first shop in 1975. He started recycling immediately by taking recyclables over to a recycle center in El Cerrito; this was in the days before separate containers were available or were being used by people in this industry! Becoming a certified Green Business was very important to their business model, and for the last twenty years, Dana Meyer has been a certified Green Business.

Dana Meyer joined with the county, the city of Albany, and the East Bay Municipal Utilities District. These entities assisted them in complying with all the applicable regulations they needed to know to properly run a green business. Dana Meyer’s is committed to doing all they can to conserve energy and water. And to preventing both pollution and waste.

Careful with Coolant

It is vital that automotive coolant be disposed of safely and properly. Many states, including California, have laws that determine how this can legally be done. It can not be poured down sinks or left on the ground, as this could negatively impact the environment. Dana Meyer takes great care to handle coolant in a manner that is consistent with their certification as one of Alameda County’s Green Businesses, by having it picked up and disposed of properly.

Resourceful Recycling

Dana Meyer’s dedication to environmentally-friendly practices extends to the way his business handles the materials that come through his doors. Everything is sorted into separate containers for appropriate recycling, and they even have a green waste container. Scrap metal, electronic waste and hard styrofoam is still taken care of by transporting it to El Cerrito.

Conserving Water

Dana Meyer Auto Care has also had the privilege of being awarded the EBMUD ‘Water Smart’ award on two separate occasions for their dedication to practices that are designed to use the least amount of water. They installed a foot pedal for the sink the workers all use during the day. This sink is similar to the ones utilized by the medical industry. The foot pedal system allows employees to wash their hands without getting contaminants on the knobs, ensuring that germs are not passed from person to person via handles. In addition, workers can control the flow of water more easily than if they had to operate the faucets using their hands, using less of it in the process.

Commitment to Employees

Dana Meyer also provides his employees with an enjoyable working atmosphere, evidenced by the loyalty that many of his technicians display. Having been in business for 43 years, his company proudly boasts employees who have worked with him for over 30 years, a rare feat in today’s job climate. In every respect, Dana Meyer Auto Care goes above and beyond, consistently cultivating a well-deserved reputation for excellence.


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