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Emeryville Auto Repair

Caring for your car is paramount if you are looking to get the most of out of your investment. It has been said many times, “Cars properly cared for, care for their owners in return”, which is absolutely true. Routine maintenance and inspections can discover and address small inexpensive issues that aren’t immediately evident long before they become big expensive problems. Auto care in Emeryville is made simple, affordable, and dependable by Dana Meyer Auto Care.

Established in 1975, Dana Meyer Auto Care has been servicing car owners for over 40 years. In that time and through comprehensive automotive services we have built a rapport with our customers that’s lead them to introduce new generations of their family to us. We take tremendous pride in our approach to auto care which includes, honestly, integrity, reliability, and accountability. Moreover we are constantly in training so that we can provide our customers with the very best in vehicle care and maintenance. We service all manner of makes and models and even work with customers to restore classic cars. At Dana Meyer Auto Care, caring for your car isn’t our job…it’s our passion. Our entire staff is comprised of only those individuals whom have a love for all things cars and those whom value customer service and satisfaction. Whether your vehicle requires a tune up or something isn’t working as it should, we’ve got you covered.

Emeryville Auto Maintenance

Auto maintenance is one of those things that people often don’t give much thought to. Much like visiting the doctor, car owners rarely bring their cars in for properly preventative care and maintenance. This oversight often leads to expensive repairs and replacements down the line though 99% of these can be avoided by taking your car in to see a mechanic on a regular basis. Don’t wait for problems to become evident nor dangerous before you bring your car in for inspection. Dana Meyer Auto Care offers the most comprehensive vehicular maintenance services in Emeryville and will keep /restore your car to proper working order.

Emeryville Brake Repair

A car’s brakes are essential to its operation as well as safety. For this reason alone, we recommend that car owners bring their vehicles to us at regular intervals for brake inspections. These inspections will tell our mechanics just how worn a set of brakes is, give an overall impression of the general health of brakes and rotors, and allows them to estimate when they might need to be replaced. We will also check to ensure your vehicle has the proper amount of brake fluid so as to ensure safe operation of your vehicle.

In addition to brake inspections, we also replace brakes on any and all makes and models of cars. Our mechanics are familiar with vehicles both new and old and can replace your brakes, rotors, and even entire braking systems when need be.

Emeryville Tires

A cars tires are vital to its operation and should be properly cared for in order to extend their lives and ensure safe driving. Although some car owners overlook the process, having your tires rotated not only allows them to continue wearing evenly but allows us to inspect them for problems as well. Regular tire inspections will also allow our mechanics to determine when it is that your car will need a new set thus allowing you to prepare for that.

When the time for new tires inevitably arrives, Dana Meyer Auto Care can help as well. We carry the best brands of tires and can outfit any type of car with a new set. We believe providing our customers with options is an essential part of our business which is why customers have access to a number of different quality tires and will have no problem finding one that works both for their car and their budget.

Vehicle Heating and Cooling Systems Repair

A properly functioning heater and air conditioner in a vehicle is essential to a comfortable ride. Even in the mildest of seasons or periods these units can make a car ride not only tolerable but comfortable as well. An air conditioning unit in a car should make summer rides cool and refreshing while a heater should make the chilliest of days warm and cozy while in the car. Overtime however heating and AC units in a car can wear down and begin experiencing performance issues. Other times they may simply malfunction or cease to function at all. Whatever is happening with your car’s heating and/or AC units rest assured that Dana Meyer Care can both repair and replace these units in all types of vehicles.

Automotive Diagnostics Readings

A common occurrence at inexperienced auto garages is that they lack the necessary tools and knowledge to properly diagnose problems with your vehicles. When those dashboard lights pop on they can mean one of several different things. In order to accurately determine what the problem is, your car will need to be connected to a machine that reads the information your car is sending out. At Dana Meyer Auto Care we both possess the tools necessary to read these messages and have experienced and highly knowledgeable mechanics on staff that can handle the issue, no matter what it may ultimately be.

Factory Scheduled Service

Every car that rolls off an assembly line comes with a manufacturer suggested maintenance schedule and list. While many opt to take their car into a dealership for this type of maintenance, dealerships can be much more expensive than privately owned auto garages. Dana Meyer Auto Care can perform all of the tasks necessary as part of your car’s factory scheduled maintenance. We service cars both foreign and domestic and address everything from transmission flushes and oil changes, to parts replacement.

Belts And Hoses Replacement

Belts and hoses are one of the most overlooked aspects of vehicle maintenance. While belts in older cars did little more than ensure air was being pulled into the radiator, modern vehicles utilize a serpentine belt to control many aspects of your car. As such it’s incredibly important to having belts inspected regularly. Doing so will ensure your car avoids a multitude of issues, including overheating, and will keep things running smoothly. At Dana Meyer Auto Care we often inspect belts during tune ups but can also check them during out of turn visits. We’ll also replace your belts when the time comes.

Hoses are used by your vehicle to send fluids to and from different locations within your car. Many of these are coolants, others are for brakes or fuel, but all of them are important. Regular inspections can detect potential problems with hoses and the systems they are connected to. Should our mechanics find any issues they’ll either fix them or replace your hoses.

Plenty Of Fluids

Cars require plenty of fluid if they are to operate properly. Low fluid levels can damage a vehicle and long sitting fluids can cause a whole host of additional problems if they aren’t flushed out and replaced on a regular basis. Dana Meyer Auto Care will inspect the fluids in your car, top them off when necessary, and flush and replace them whenever needed. Given the importance of fluids in a vehicle, keeping them healthy is of the utmost importance.

Why Choose Dana Meyer Auto Care?

It can be difficult to choose an auto mechanic when you have issues with your car but Dana Meyer Auto Care strives to differentiate itself from its competitors in a number of ways. First and foremost, customer service and satisfaction sit at the forefront of our business model and mode of operation. We aren’t satisfied unless our customers are and as such we adhere to high standards of service and work with integrity and honesty on our sleeves. We aim to give every one of our customers the peace of mind they both need and deserve while providing the very best in automotive care. We earn the trust of our customers through our commitment to excellence and our friendly and personable approach to auto care.

Our entire staff is comprised of individuals who have a real love and passion for cars and the work they do. We aren’t content in employing individuals who simply view what they do as a “job”. Our mechanics have a real flair for what they do and it shows in the work they produce. We work quickly and affordably to provide you with the automotive care you and your vehicle need.

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