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Vehicle Maintenance And Neglect

Cars are a lot like the human body in that they need regular maintenance and consistent care if they are to operate properly and remain healthy for long periods of time. We visit our doctor at regular intervals to ensure that our bodies are functioning at optimal levels and to address small problems before they become large costly ones.

It behooves car owners to treat their vehicles with the same care and respect they do their own bodies by taking them into a garage at regular intervals. In doing so such persons can not only address things like oil changes, fluid checks, and tire checks but can discover and fix small issues before they grow into very expensive and time consuming large problems. Many times cars have problems internally that aren’t evident until they’ve completely broken down, malfunctioned, and/or damaged surrounding components.

With so much on the line you’d be forgiven for believing that the majority of car owners take their vehicles to a mechanic often. In truth, a good deal of people not only skip routine maintenance but also ignore illuminated dashboard icons, strange noises, and odd odors when they first notice them. Some of the aforementioned persons ignore the elephant in their passenger seats hoping that the they will just go away while others do so because they fear they can not afford the cost of repair. There are also those car owners whom don’t want to spend the time looking for a reputable mechanic. Sadly, the cost of neglect is always far greater than any type of maintenance.

The Cost Of Automobile Neglect

While not wanting to spend money is understandable to a degree, allowing a vehicle’s needs to go unaddressed and unchecked is a recipe for disaster. There are many areas within a budget where it pays to be frugal and even parsimonious though your car is not one off them.

Foregoing routine car maintenance solves nothing and actually costs individuals much more in the long run. This is because neglect actually shortens the life of a car’s individual working components as they must work harder and under greater stress in order to function properly. Moreover, as damaged components continue to wear out and break down they adversely affect other parts, especially those that work in tandem with them. An excellent example of this is a car’s breaks. A good deal of people never take their cars in for a break check and will grind their break pads down to nothing. This excessive wear and tear damages rotors which are expensive to replace. By having their breaks inspected at regular intervals car owners can not only avoid having to replace their damaged rotors but can begin to save for new brakes as they’ll be told how much longer they have before they need to be replaced.

Different cars all require different types of care and so it’s wise to defer to both your owners manual and a trusted mechanic to determine just how often your car should be seen by a professional. Owners manuals tend to be underutilized by owners which is unfortunate given that these handy booklets are explicit in telling owners which systems need to be checked and when. Car owners can and should build a maintenance schedule based on this information. Doing so will allow persons to avoid the hassles and headaches of neglect and sudden repairs.

The Right Auto Mechanic

With so many auto mechanics operating in Albany Ca. it can be difficult to weed out those that are less than reputable. By doing a little homework however car owners can ensure they find a mechanic that operates with integrity and one that can adequately address the needs of their car. The internet is a fantastic place to start your search for a mechanic though it shouldn’t be the only tool you make use of or consider. Sure, reviews and websites can tell you a great deal about an auto mechanic but you’ll also want to speak with people who have visited the garage you’re interested in. Word of mouth is a good indicator of quality of work but you’ll want to speak with multiple people to ensure that one opinion is not all opinions.

There is then the Automotive Service Excellence certification. Auto mechanics certified by the “ASE” have been rigorously tested by the non-profit organization so as to ensure high quality services, honesty, and integrity. The ASE has been testing and certifying auto garages since 1972 and sets the industry standard for automotive services very high. A mechanic that is ASE certified adheres to strict standards of conduct and service and is generally someone you want working on your car.

By utilizing reviews, word out mouth, and looking for ASE certified mechanics you should have little trouble finding an auto mechanic that’s reputable, dependable, and affordable. Finding this mechanic long before your vehicle needs maintenance or has problems is also beneficial in that you won’t ever find yourself in a panic when your car has issues. You’ll know exactly where to go and when.

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