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Winterizing Guide for Californians

Winterizing Guide for Californians

Winterizing Guide for Californians Do I really need to winterize my car, even though it doesn’t snow here? The short answer is yes! Cold temperatures make it more difficult for an engine to work properly. Rain, especially in times of drought, limit traction grip for your tires. When it only rains sporadically this makes the roads even more slick because there is more oil and other foreign debris that don’t mix well with water. If there’s heavier rains, this too can be a hazard as it tends to increase the amount of, and the size of, potholes. Vehicles respond differently to the weather just like us, so they need special maintenance at the change of all major seasons. Here are some quick tips on how you can be better prepared for the season change: 1. Check Your Tire Pressure! Simple, right? Many people know properly inflated tires can save you gas money. What you may not know is that the best way to maintain functionality of the tires for the long ... read more


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