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What Do These Pesky Dashboard Lights Mean? Can they be ignored?

What Do These Pesky Dashboard Lights Mean? Can they be ignored?

Most of us at one point or another has had a light come on their dashboard and we’ve either been very worried by it, or maybe ignored it until there was time to see our local mechanic. Well, worry no further! We are here to provide you with the most important and most common errors that we see in customers’ vehicles day in and day out. Below is a list of the pictures and their explanations. Check Engine Light or Maintenance Indicator Light (MIL): There are some lights that when they come on your dashboard it isn’t an immediate emergency, but this is not one! Of all the lights, the check engine light is the most important. Even more alarming is if the light is flashing. This means there is an error that is happening at this very moment. Here at Dana Meyer Auto Care, we use customer education instead of scare tactics, this is why we offer affordable code reading and diagnostics to all customers! Now the one exception to this rule is if you just filled ... read more


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