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The Car That Got Away

The Car That Got Away

  When reliving history with classic car enthusiasts, it’s a common theme to hear stories of a car they regret not buying. And for many of these people, that sort of disappointing experience makes a deep impression. Especially if they know the outcome of the car that got away. For Robert, a lover of Porsches, it was a 1963 Porsche 356 Roadster that got away. It was Fall 1970. Preparing to embark on their life as newlyweds, Robert and his then-fiancée were debating what type of car or cars they should buy once they were on their own. Robert had recently sold his MGB Roadster, and his fiancée was about to sell her Volkswagen Beetle. Robert casually mentioned their auto search to a fraternity brother alumnus, who just so happened to own a Porsche at the time. “This gentleman … had this great car. It was a Porsche Roadster type 356, the predecessor to the 911. I believe this car was a 1963. It wa ... read more


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