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The Future of the Automotive Industry: What’s Powering Tomorrow’s Cars?

The Future of the Automotive Industry: What’s Powering Tomorrow’s Cars?

Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle, are thinking of entering the automotive industry, or are just plain curious, you may be wondering what will power tomorrow’s cars? Hydrogen Power With air quality getting worse, oil production on the decline, and the ever fluctuating rate of gasoline car manufacturers are looking to alternative fuels. The leading contestants are hydrogen, electrical, and bio-fuels. Hydrogen is used in space crafts due to it being much more energy rich than any other fuel on the market, but the downside is it’s very expensive to produce and store. Since hydrogen needs to be compressed, the actual volume needed is very high. For instance, to go the same amount of miles that a car with a gas tank that holds 10 gallons of gasoline, it would need to hold 45 gallons compressed at 340 times the atmospheric pressure. This hasn’t stopped Toyota from looking at the bigger picture of the automotive industry’s future. They’ve acc ... read more


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