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Rising Above the Industry-Wide Shortage of Automotive Technicians

Nearly every family you know has one, many with two or more. We are, of course, talking about cars. It logically makes sense that there would be a vibrant market for vehicle repairs – and automotive technicians (auto techs). However, over the course of the last twenty years, there has been a sharp decrease in the number of experienced auto techs available throughout the country. Here are some of the reasons why:

High-End Skills Required for More “Computerized” Modern Cars

An engine is basically a device that turns chemical energy into locomotive energy. Using highly controlled pistons, gas is “exploded” to help propel traditional vehicles forward. That basic understanding helped spur generations of people to become mechanics. Regardless of how complex a motor may look, its function boils down to that simple fact.

Modern engines are far more complex. They use advanced computers and electronics to determine fuel mixtures, timing, and whether or not to turn to other (electric) motors. Some even forgo traditional gas engines all together. Many newer models have batteries with electrical motors instead.

This means that the modern auto tech requires an advanced understanding of many systems. For instance, computer system management, electrical engineering, and sometimes even programming, in order to diagnose what is going on with your car. Add to that the ever changing technology and diagnostic tools used. That leaves the skills of yesteryear outmoded. This prevents a generation of home-grown auto techs from rising up to take their parents’ places, without significant additional training.

Public Schools Eliminating Automotive Vocational Programs

Our society places a lot of attention on college. It is essential to remember that the humble high school often determines what a person will make of their life. Traditionally, schools offered a variety of vocational programs designed to meet the needs of the community. Typists, nurses, teachers, and mechanics all got their start in the high school classroom. This early education helped them prepare for college and trade schools. A head start that supplied experts ready to fill vocational jobs.

There has been a near ubiquitous cutting of vocational programs throughout the country. The result is fewer people entering the mechanical fields out of high school. Not a good thing for a country that runs on four wheels.

Changing the Image of “Grease Monkey”

The auto tech shortage has been exacerbated by a variety of conditions, including a growing economy and increased vehicle complexity. To alleviate the shortage, the industry needs to focus on recruiting younger people to the field and taking over training where vocational schools left off. Also, the industry needs to address the outdated reputation of mechanics and auto shops created by the TV scam reporting of the past. Never mind the outdated  “grease monkey” image of the career.

Dana Meyer Auto Care Has You Covered

The result of the shortage is that some traditional neighborhood mechanics shops are being replaced by national chains, with standardized prices and services skewed towards their favor – not yours. Forming a relationship with a mechanic and an understanding of what something will cost and what can truly be done, can feel impossible at a big chain.

Dana Meyer Auto Care has not only survived the shortage of auto techs, rather it has thrived.  Dana Meyer Auto Care has teamed up with the finest ASE certified technicians to help them maintain the same level of trust and positive customer service we have come to expect from decades of experience.

What is ASE Certification?

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification certifies that the mechanics, and their shop, has the skills and experience needed to tackle a wide variety of automotive issues. Beyond what they already know, the mechanics understand how to learn more about upcoming standards and the rare issue from the past. In short – places vetted with this certification guarantee your satisfaction.

At Dana Meyer Auto Care,  we provide you with the finest automotive support possible, regardless if you are driving a Model A or the latest Lexus. For more than 30 years, we have teamed with the finest ASE certified technicians to provide you with the best repair and maintenance services available in your neighborhood.

Make an appointment and meet our automotive technicians today! Discover how easy it is to keep your car in perfect condition – regardless of what happens on the road.


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