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Are You Taking Care of Your Car’s Computers? The Zeus Diagnostic Tool


Zeus Display / Copyright Snap-On

According to USA Today, standard vehicles run on up to 10 million lines of code and high-end luxury cars can run on up to 100 million lines of code. This is much more than even a Boeing 787 Dreamliner! It is no surprise that misdiagnosis is a common concern for vehicles in the Bay Area because there are so many vehicle types and models available. In some cases, some vehicles aren’t even properly diagnosed after three or four shops. When you come to Dana Meyer Auto Care for servicing, we use state-of-the-art tools for comparisons and diagnosis of your vehicle. We recently upgraded to Snap-On’s Zeus Diagnostic tool because it’s the most sophisticated tool on the market. Your car is full of impressive technology – we take care of it on your behalf. What is the Zeus Tool? Dana Meyer is one of the first automotive repair shops in the San Francisco Bay Area to have the Zeus Diagnostic option. This tool accommodates all vehicles mechanical parts and electrical components. The basics of it include: a scanning tool with wireless web searching that compares and shows patterns for your engine, transmission, heating and cooling system, and more. The Benefits of Zeus Diagnostic There are thousands of components in a car, and even the most accomplished of technicians cannot run through every combination of issues. With Zeus, troubleshooting is taken care of, thanks to this state-of-the-art tool. Other benefits of the Zeus tool are: Allowing for comparing your vehicle with the correct patterns of its make and model. Only displaying information relevant to your exact car and fault code. Conducting a complete scan of a vehicle in a short period of time. Automatically filtering out data that is not related to the problem. Selecting fast-track guided tests so the vehicle owner never pays for replacement of good parts. Keeping a historical record of vehicle diagnoses for future visits. Information can include vehicle records, customer data, VIN, and diagnostic numbers. See the Problem with Your Vehicle System Report Dana Meyer Auto Care also makes it easy for you to understand what is wrong with your vehicle by explaining every step to you. Instead of being a system only the professionals could understand, the Zeus tool is consumer friendly. A technician will show you your individual Vehicle System Report and explain any issues it is showing. No report can be altered, which also guarantees you are truly working as a team with your technician. Keep a Historical Record of Your Repair Services One reason for the switch to the innovative, fast-moving Zeus Diagnostic system is its ability to store customer data. This benefits every client because knowing your vehicle’s historical data serves like its medical records, we might notice a problem because of a slow change. A Leader Global Innovator One of the reasons we chose the Zeus Diagnostic for our location is due to its solid brand-name. Just as you select your vehicle for its make and model, we select our diagnostic systems based on manufacturer and innovation strategies. Snap-On makes diagnostic tools that are innovative, progressive, and available in more than 130 countries. The Zeus tool gets regular system updates because of Snap-On’s commitment to rapid continuous improvement and product safety. In the world of automotive diagnosis, it’s unsafe and irresponsible to settle for a substandard tool. Servicing Saves on Long-Term Repair Costs Come by and ask us about the Zeus tool! Dana Meyer Auto Care is always adding new, advanced tools and technologies for a proper diagnosis of your automotive issues. Keep your car running well and extend its lifetime with servicing at Dana Meyer.


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