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A Guide To Saving Gas


Gas prices have long since been skyrocketing and forcing car owners to rework their budgets so as to ensure they have enough gas to get to and from work, school, the store, etc. Unbeknownst to many car owners, there are many ways to save at the pump that aren’t directly related to their local gas station itself. The following tips can help car owners conserve fuel and in turn reduce costs.

Eyes On Inflation

Car owners frequently overlook the health of their tires, especially their air pressure or lack thereof. Under inflated tires force a car’s engine to work harder which leads to greater fuel consumption. Individuals will also want to monitor their wheel alignment as misaligned tires also force an engine to work harder. Wait until tires have cooled before checking air pressure or take your car to an Albany Ca. auto repair specialist for a quick check up.

Don’t Weight

We’re all guilty of leaving items, even large ones, in our cars. What many car owners aren’t aware of however is that the more weight there is in a car the harder an engine must run which leads to greater gas usage. By eliminating excess weight from your vehicle you will need to refuel less often. Better mileage means spending less at the pump.

Make Many Trips Into One

Maybe combining all of your daily car rides into one isn’t feasible but it behooves car owners to consolidate their errands into as few trips as possible. Additionally, plan this trip or trips when traffic is light. Avoiding the stop and go conditions of heavy traffic can not only reduce fuel consumption but can save wear and tear on your engine.

Cut The Power

Excessive idling while you wait in heavy traffic, in park, and for friends and family to get into the car uses a fairly hefty amount of gas. In these types of situations its a good idea to turn off your car’s engine. These few minutes add up over time and can really eat into your gas tank. You don’t need your engine running unless your moving.

Stay Within The Speed Limit

The faster you drive the harder you’re pushing your engine. In turn this burns more gas and faster too. Ignoring speed limits is not only dangerous and illegal but can cause you to fill up more often. By maintaining a safe and legal speed on highways (cruise control helps) you conserve fuel.

Lead Feet Equals More Gas

Again, pushing an engine harder means it’s going to consume gasoline at a greater rate. Persons whom have heavy feet use more gas and put a great deal more stress on their engines than do those whom drive gently. Avoid the desire to accelerate immediately by remaining calm while behind the wheel and anticipate traffic conditions by utilizing your phone or GPS system. Taking it easy will save you some money.

Air Conditioning And Windows

So many drivers aren’t sure when to use their AC units and when they should roll their windows down. Knowing when to make use of either can save a great deal of gas and put less stress on your car. Windows should be kept up on freeways while AC’s should be used sparingly, if at all, in stop and go traffic.

Regular Tune Up’s

Keeping a car in good working order via regular tune up’s is paramount not only to the long term health of a vehicle but in gas mileage as well. Cars that are maintained properly run smoother and consume less fuel. Oil changes, belts, hoses, filters, and even tires all play vital roles in fuel usage. Taking your car in for routine maintenance when you are supposed to will save you a great deal of gas.

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Gas Saving Tips
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